Valencia Cathedral

More than 780 years of history displayed on the official website.

Valencia Metropolitan Chapter

Project concept

Valencia Cathedral dates back to 1262 and more than seven hundred years later it’s still the heart of the city. The Cathedral not only serves as a place of worship for the local community, but is also a popular tourist destination. It’s world famous for the Holy Grail that Jesus drank from during the Last Supper, and thousands of visitors come every year to admire this treasure and the unique views of Valencia from the bell tower.

Our design team had the honour of being entrusted with the redesign of the website of this prestigious institution. Our experience in handling sensitive projects enabled us to approach the work with the utmost respect and care. We listened carefully to the client’s needs and worked closely with them to create a website that accurately reflects the Cathedral’s rich history and religious significance.

An example of this is the Holy Chalice page, where users can immerse themselves in the beauty and fascinating history of the relic. Formative and informative, the Cathedral’s website serves both tourists and believers and is dedicated to enriching the spiritual experience of both.

The “lantern” tower

The isotype

The exterior of the Valencia Cathedral

The interior of the Valencia Cathedral

Mobile version of the Holy Chalice page

Following pictures:

  • Some screenshots of the website

Holy chalice opening page

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  • User interface details

Front page banner

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