Valencia Cathedral Museum

Complete brand guidelines for a museum of religious art.

Valencia Metropolitan Chapter

Project concept

Working on the design of a branding system for the Valencia Cathedral Museum was a unique and enriching experience. During the creative process we focused on the religion and its history with great respect and sensitivity, trying to give the museum a modern visual identity that could connect with today’s cultural visitors.

Together with the museum team, we developed various digital and print elements that allowed us to effectively convey the beauty and significance of the artworks on display.

From the website with its virtual tours of the museum and cathedral to the design of the labels and merchandising, every detail was carefully considered to provide a memorable experience for museum visitors.

Valencia Cathedral Museum solomonic column

The isotype

The Valencia Cathedral Museum

The interior of the Valencia Cathedral Museum

The museum brand guidelines

Following pictures:

  • Some screenshots of the brand guidelines

Book cover


Front page

Following pictures:

  • User interface details

Front page banner

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