En Directo

Motion graphics and design for a short film.

Imagen Factory

Project concept

En Directo” is an award-winning short film directed by Imagenfactory. It tells the story of a family on the day of their eviction, streamed live from a reality TV show that appeared to be the solution, but ultimately proved to be the opposite. We designed the film’s logo, poster, title sequence and motion graphics within the TV show.

Overall, the graphics and design worked together to convey the theme of the film and the impact of reality TV on individuals and society.

Photography: Wenceslao Scyzoryk.
  • En Directo “Live”
  • Directed by: Wenceslao Scyzoryk.
  • Running time: 15:00 minutes
  • Link: En Directo (2014) at IMDB.
1' 46'' video video excerpt showcasing graphics, animation and titles.

Shortfilm logo

Promotional poster

DVD packaging box

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