Rent and Move

3D illustration for branded pets of a car rental company.

Rent and move

Project concept

When we were commissioned to design a logo featuring a tortoise and a hare, our aim was to reinforce our client’s visual identity. Being a car rental company aimed at the young demographic with a focus on affordable services, we saw the potential of integrating 3D illustrations into the brand identity.

By transforming these cute characters into the brand’s pets and incorporating them extensively on the website and marketing materials, we were able to create a strong and consistent brand presence.

Our strategy was to captivate the young audience with a memorable visual representation and highlight our client’s commitment to providing affordable vehicle rental options.

2D turtle

3D turtle

2D hare

3D hare

The turtle and the hare on the scooter

2D Scooter

3D Scooter

Following pictures:

  • Some examples of video art direction

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