Dynamic magazine design that immerse readers in the content.

Conceptual study

Project concept

The magazine “Fijate” takes a new and exciting approach to content and design, offering a fresh perspective on current affairs. The magazine’s design combines thought-provoking images and well-designed layouts to create an appealing balance between text and form. It also offers a unique perspective on the issues presented, giving readers a new way of looking at them. Supported by a carefully selected colour palette, the design offers a visually exciting experience that stimulates both the eyes and the mind.

In addition, the magazine’s layout is dynamic and seamlessly adapts to the reader’s journey. Transitions between sections and articles are effortless, making for a smooth and engaging reading experience. the design of “Fijate” magazine provides an enticing platform that invites the reader to explore and reflect on the pressing issues of our time from a new perspective.

Magazine logotype / masthead

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