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Ácido Surtido

Project concept

Ácido Surtido, an art and design editorial project featuring diverse perspectives on a central topic, serves as a catalyst for inspiration in each issue. Each 64x94cm double-sided sheet is a canvas for ideas. In this issue, designer Luciano Petrosini was invited to interpret the theme of “intimacy” incorporating short reflections by various artists on one page.

The idea and direction of the project is in charge of Lucas and Mauro López. The team of editors is made up of Julieta Escardó, Marcela González, Roberto García Balza, Nora Lezano, Soledad Stagnaro, Juan Pablo Andrade and Natali Schejman.

Ácido Surtido - Intimo
Promotional poster of the event

About this edition

Ácido Surtido #21 brings together the work of Rosario Bléfari, Mario Bellatín, Mariana Enríquez, Nico Hardy, Fabiana Rey, Eblis Alvarez, Federico Kusco, Fernanda Nicolini, Juan Dicent, Lucila Galkin, Nicolás Rascován, Pablo Katchadjián, Patricia Carini, Paula Sibila, Santiago Ramos, Julia Sarachu, Horacio Lorente and Luciano Petrosini, who give their vision of the Intimate concept.

Following pictures:

  • Images of Ácido Surtido presentation number 21, Friday, December 3, 2010, in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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