Mixtura Flavours

Brochure and postcards design showcasing artisan syrup.

United Ventures International

Project concept

Mixtura produces tasty and natural flavours for the hospitality sector. Their main product is a real fruit syrup with pure pulp, which is less thick than traditional syrups because it is extracted directly from the fruit process. This characteristic was important to convey throughout the design material. In addition to designing a dynamic B2B website, we also created marketing material that matched the company’s brand identity.

Our task was to design a brochure and postcards that evoked fresh fruit, fun and a Spanish flair. Following the look and feel of the website, we incorporated a bold colour palette inspired by the abstract art of Joan Miró and the natural colours of the fruit. The enticing imagery, playful typography and Spanish-inspired elements were effectively combined to create an effective and memorable promotional tool for the natural syrup company.

Brochure with inlay

Following pictures:

  • Some postcards with the theme of Spanish towns and customs

Postcard front and back

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