Rent and Move

Brand design and 3D illustration for car rental business.

Rent and move

Project concept

Rent and Move began with a strong commitment to offer the best value for money in car rental experience to a young audience. They needed a fresh brand and an intuitive website that would appeal to this group. Our real challenge was to use a tortoise and a hare for the branding, and to incorporate this into the company’s online and offline marketing materials.

To achieve this, we decided to illustrate them in 3D to incorporate a series of cheerful and lively images. This approach helped to establish a strong brand identity that was both fun and memorable.

Next, we designed a website with simplicity and functionality in mind, allowing users to quickly find, book and pay for the car they wanted. We also added a guide to tourist locations to enhance the user’s experience when renting a car and planning their trip.

3D logo

Logo structure

2D logo

2D turtle

3D turtle

2D hare

3D hare

The turtle and the hare on the scooter

2D Scooter

3D Scooter


Following pictures:

  • Some examples of video art direction

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