2012 CES Event

Brochure design for a congress programme.

Centro Español de Sindonología

Project concept

The Centro Español de Sindonología (Spanish Centre for Sindonology), an organisation dedicated to the study and dissemination of the Shroud of Turin and other relics attributed to Jesus Christ, hosted the first International Shroud Congress in Spain. The event brought together 26 distinguished experts from around the world to present their research findings to the public. Our team was responsible for all branding design, including a captivating promotional video, a user-friendly registration website and a comprehensive programme.

Simplicity and elegance were the guiding principles in our design approach. Our goal was to create a visually captivating and easy to understand programme. To achieve this, we emphasised clarity, using a strong visual grid system that ensured consistency and organisation. In addition, we opted for a restrained colour palette and typography that emphasised readability. The careful graphic design was instrumental in reflecting the importance of the event’s theme and creating a coherent and immersive experience for both participants and guest speakers.


Spanish brochure

Spanish programme

English brochure

English programme

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