Creat Eventos Valencia

Sleek logo design for a creative event company.

Creat Eventos Valencia

Project concept

Creat Eventos Valencia specialises in creating stylish events and memorable experiences. They needed a logo that represented their core values and we helped them create a minimalist and refined logo with a simple and sleek design.

In designing this logo, we carefully considered the prominent venue – the prestigious Ateneo building, a highly regarded cultural institution. In addition, we took inspiration from Valencia’s vibrant festivities, such as the colourful fireworks that define the colour palette of the applications.

The brand’s elegance and versatility, allows to adapt it to different needs easily, ensuring a consistent and sophisticated visual identity across all platforms.

Creat Eventos Valencia logo

Fireworks, an essential part of the festivities in Valencia

The “Ateneo” building, where the events take place

Vehicle branding

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