Advocacy for SRHR

A lively and dynamic video to promote new courses.


Project concept

The persuasive power of video is an indispensable tool for NGOs to get their message across and generate interest in their mission. Videos have the impressive ability to engage the viewer on an emotional level, amplify the impact of narratives and increase the trustworthiness of an organisation.

Not only is this medium of communication cost-effective, but it can also be shared, allowing NGOs to reach a wider audience and demonstrate their expertise in their field. On this occasion, we created a dynamic design video that showcases our client’s new courses through a combination of motion graphics and authentic imagery.

  • Advocacy for Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Produced and animated by: Eurisco Design Studio.
  • Music: “Acapella Goes Happy” by Soundroll
  • Running time: 2:00 minutes
  • Links: Full video on Vimeo.

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