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the healthcare industry.

Building trust and empathy in healthcare through design.

Inspiring design that people recognise and trust.

At the heart of healthcare design is the patient experience. We believe that effective design requires a balance of clarity, empathy and fresh perspectives. Our team’s artistic approach creates visually stunning designs that speak to both patients and professionals.

From branding and brochures to packaging and educational videos, we are committed to a harmonious integration of form and function that enhances the healthcare experience for all.

Our simple design system.

An effortless process
for you.

Design isn't aesthetics. It’s connection. That's why we handle everything simplifying the process for you. You only share your thoughts and sign off.

A proactive
design approach.

Our expert team offers tailored advice to ensure your message resonates and remains relevant to your audience over time.

Quality design,
no matter the budget.

We strive to understand your needs and custom our approach accordingly. Expect careful listening and clear communication every step of the way.

Building trust from the very first visual contact.

Brand design.

Your health care brand is more than just a logo. It’s a promise of quality and care. Let our design inspire trust and communicate your values to patients and partners.


Our healthcare illustrations reflect our commitment to timeless design principles. With clarity, simplicity and elegance, we create illustrations that communicate your message with impact and effectiveness.

Web design.

Good design is about creating order out of chaos, and this is especially important in the healthcare sector. We help you create a website that makes it easy for patients to find the information they need and take action, while reinforcing your brand’s values and identity.

Video production.

With our ability to tell stories and communicate visually, we’re able to create animated videos that effectively communicate even the most complex healthcare concepts. Rely on our experience to captivate and inform your audience.

Packaging design.

Well-designed packaging is key to consumer engagement and brand loyalty. Let us design packaging for your health products that builds trust and recognition.

Graphic design.

In the healthcare sector, persuasion is key. With our sleek and precise design, we ensure that your message is as effective as an accurate diagnosis.

Editorial design.

Editorial design for healthcare requires sensitivity and clarity. We help you convey complex information with simplicity and empathy, creating effective communication.

Creating a welcoming clinic brand and visual identity.

Maternity Salud

When designing a new visual identity for Maternity Salud, our main focus was to create an atmosphere that instilled a sense of comfort and safety, while offering modern services for mothers from conception to parenthood. By using watercolour techniques, we were able to portray a calm and organic ambience that encourages newborn growth and development and creates a strong bond between mothers and clinic staff. Our brand design ensures coherence and flexibility across different mediums, effectively highlighting the clinic’s expertise in providing a tailored and trustworthy care.

Flexible brand design for a healthcare consulting company.

Meirovich Consulting

Meirovich Consulting is a consulting firm that provides engineering, architectural and medical planning solutions to governments and private companies in developing countries. We designed their logo to express their unwavering commitment to professionalism, expertise and hard work. The result is an elegant and eye-catching identity that is both easy to remember and highly functional. It is flexible enough to be used on a variety of platforms, perfectly representing Meirovich Consulting’s innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Logo design that illuminates the path to personal wellness.

Artesana de la Vida

Artesana de la Vida is a Spanish-language coaching and personal development platform that offers courses, workshops and resources to help people find their purpose and live more fulfilling lives. Our task was to redesign Artesana de la Vida’s logo while keeping the butterfly concept. We designed an elegant brand that incorporates elements of light and reminds us of the enlightenment we all long for. The result is a logo that not only reflects Artesana de la Vida’s values of personal development, but also appeals to clients looking for guidance and support on their journey to a more meaningful life.

Using animation to promote healthcare for everybody.

Action for Global Health

We worked closely with the Action for Global Health team to produce an animated video that is both engaging and informative, showcasing a movement of civil society organisations and communities advocating for universal health coverage. The end result is a dynamic and motivating video that effectively communicates the message of this important cause.

Elegant logo design for a chiropractic centre.

Coralline Wellness Centre

The logo design for Coralline Wellness Centre is intended to reflect a commitment to natural and holistic healing practises. The use of the colour light blue, often associated with nature and health, is used in conjunction with the spine graphic to evoke the idea of alignment and balance. The simple and clear typography of the logo complements the overall design and conveys a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness. The result is a visually appealing logo that effectively conveys the chiropractic centre’s values and services.

We are confident
that we can help you.

Highly qualified

Our design team has diverse expertise. Branding, web design, illustration, editorial design, video and more. We can help you create a comprehensive and integrated support for your organisation.

A wealth
of experience.

With a proven track record spanning more than two decades across multiple industries and countries, our team is the ideal choice for organisations seeking a knowledgeable and versatile design partner.

A design process
that works.

Drawing on our extensive experience and commitment to continuous learning, we have developed a simple yet effective system that delivers results. Our designs not only look great, but are timeless and work seamlessly.

How to choose the perfect design studio for your healthcare organisation: the three must-have factors.

When choosing a design studio for your healthcare organisation, be sure to consider three factors: Clarity, Consistency and Collaboration.

First and foremost, the design team must understand your brand values and tailor their services to your specific needs. You need a team that can translate your complex ideas into simple, fresh and powerful visual concepts for multiple platforms. This is the way you can make an impact in the healthcare industry.

Next, you need a multidisciplinary studio that can cover all aspects of your design needs.

Whether it’s branding, packaging, web or print design, you need a team that can do it all.

Consistency is key to building a strong and recognisable brand identity. So it’s important to have a team that can deliver this across all touchpoints and channels.

Finally, you need a studio that is responsive, communicative and open to feedback. You need a team that has a clear process for creating designs that are tailored to your specific needs, and that can work with your marketing team, internal stakeholders and external agencies if necessary. And of course, project management skills are vital to ensure that the work is completed within budget and on time.

So if you are looking for a design studio that can help you create a clear and consistent design that resonates with your patients and partners, we are here to help. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote based on your goals, timeline and budget.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Have you worked on design projects for international clients before?

    Absolutely. Our team has extensive experience working with clients from around the world to helping them create designs that effectively communicate their message and resonate with their specific audiences. We believe that design is a universal language, but we also understand the importance of cultural nuances and local sensitivities. That’s why we always take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and work closely with them to create designs that are both timeless and relevant. With our global experience and expertise, we are well equipped to tackle any design challenge, no matter where our clients are located.

  • How do you manage project timelines and ensure that deadlines are met?

    To manage project timelines and ensure deadlines are met, we follow a structured project management process that includes regular reviews and updates. We set clear deadlines for each phase of the project and emphasise communication and transparency with our clients, whom we regularly update on project status. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver quality work on time and on budget, while providing exceptional customer service and support throughout the project lifecycle.

  • What is your design process like?

    We always strive to understand our clients’ requirements and goals through research. Our approach is collaborative and we work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their brand values, specific audience and competitors.

    At the start of every project, we conduct a comprehensive brand analysis to ensure that our designs are consistent with our clients’ visual identity and brand guidelines. Our focus is on consistency across all marketing materials so that our clients can effectively communicate their brand message.

From idea
to reality.

How we design to your specification.

Are you ready to bring your project to life? Our simple process ensures we deliver results that meet your goals within your budget. In simple terms, here's what you can expect if you contact us now:

1. Quote request

After sharing your project details with us, we may get in touch to clear up any doubts. Following this clarification, we will provide you with a quote based on your objectives, timeline and budget.

2. Design test

After receiving and approving our quote, we'll ask you a few questions to better understand your business. Following this, you'll receive a design test to ensure we're on the right track.

3. Development

You'll have the opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions until you're completely satisfied with the design. Once you give us your approval, we'll start the development process.

4. Delivery

Throughout the development and final revisions, we maintain clear communication to ensure everything is perfect and you're satisfied with the end result before delivery and implementation.

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