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Overcome campaign challenges with a consistent design approach.

How you tell your story is critical to creating impact. The way a message is presented is just as important as the message itself. That’s where we come in. We create high-quality multidisciplinary design – and animate your mission.

For nearly a decade, we’ve worked with NGOs and NPOs to bring their international campaigns and events to life with culturally sensitive design that raises awareness and wins advocates.

Our simple design system.

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Design isn't aesthetics. It’s connection. That's why we handle everything simplifying the process for you. You only share your thoughts and sign off.

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design approach.

Our expert team offers tailored advice to ensure your message resonates and remains relevant to your audience over time.

Quality design,
no matter the budget.

We strive to understand your needs and custom our approach accordingly. Expect careful listening and clear communication every step of the way.

Clear and evocative storytelling design in any medium.

Video production.

Powerful animated storytelling that captivates your audience, using a timely delivery process managed by our expert team.


Inspiring and eye-catching illustrations simplify complex ideas and data while conveying emotion and empathy.

Brand design.

Impactful visual identity that aligns with your campaign’s mission and values and resonates with your audience.

Editorial design.

Digital and printed annual reports and magazines that build trust and communicate your mission while being visually appealing and easy to understand.

Graphic design.

Visually appealing brochures, leaflets and posters that effectively convey your message while being environmentally sustainable.

Infographic design.

Clear infographics that effectively communicate complex information that align with your organisation’s branding and mission, inspiring engagement and action.

Web design.

Functional websites that allow your campaign to reach the widest possible audience to support your mission and inspire action.

Social media.

Eye-catching visual content for your social media posts that stays true to your brand personality, with powerful videos, graphics, and images to support your cause.

Visual storytelling that connects.

Safe from harm

By combining illustration, video and branding, we helped a NGO creat a digital campaign against gender-based violence. Each illustration depicts positive scenes of communities coming together to create a caring world where safety and integrity are a given. The first-person perspective draws the viewer into the scenes, evoking empathy and inspiring them to take action. We also created short social media videos and a logo in the shape of a mouth that conveys both the demand for change and a heart as a symbol of vitality and radiance that this world desperately needs.

A unified and collaborative design approach.

My body, my rights

We also had the opportunity to work on an international campaign that focused on Roma communities. We brought the campaign’s message to life through a range of disciplines, including upbeat illustrations, animated storytelling, brand design, web design and editorial design. Despite the challenges of working with multiple stakeholders in different countries, a unified collaborative approach allowed us to deliver high-quality results that were positively received by everyone involved. Working together at each step, we effectively communicated the campaign’s message through a cohesive and impactful design.

Engaging storytelling with cartoon illustrations.

Everybody deserves an equal chance

For this project, we created cartoon-style illustrations and a captivating video narrative. To ensure the viewer understood the message in as little time as possible, we hired a narrator with a neutral British accent. The narrator added a professional and polished touch to the video narrative and ensured the message was conveyed clearly and concisely. We also developed a series of eye-catching images and short videos derived from the main story, suitable for social media channels, and created a simple website to house all the animations. The illustrations, videos and website design came together seamlessly to create a visually stunning presentation of the campaign.

Animated video in defence of healthcare coverage for everyone.

Action for Global Health

Together with the team at Action for Global Health, we created an animated video that is not only informative but also captivating, showcasing a wave of civil society organisations and communities working towards universal health coverage. The end result is a dynamic and encouraging video that effectively conveys the message of this important movement.

An informative and engaging video for internal NGO members.

Client-Centred Clinical Guidelines

In the world of global NGOs, videos play an important role in promoting internal dialogue. With their remarkable ability to engage, educate and unite staff around a common mission, they are of great value.

We were tasked with creating a vibrant video introducing new technical guidelines to the organisation’s members worldwide. Working closely with the organisation’s team, we created an entertaining production that strikes the right balance between engagement and authority.

A vibrant video to promote new courses.

Advocacy for SHRH

The influential power of videos is an important tool for NGOs. Videos have a remarkable ability to emotionally engage, inform and educate audiences. In this case, we created a dynamic video with moving graphics and real images to promote our client’s latest courses to their internal members.

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Highly qualified

Our design team has diverse expertise. Branding, web design, illustration, editorial design, video and more. We can help you create a comprehensive and integrated support for your organisation.

A wealth
of experience.

With a proven track record spanning more than two decades across multiple industries and countries, our team is the ideal choice for organisations seeking a knowledgeable and versatile design partner.

A design process
that works.

Drawing on our extensive experience and commitment to continuous learning, we have developed a simple yet effective system that delivers results. Our designs not only look great, but are timeless and work seamlessly.

Three keys to choosing the ideal design studio for your NGO.

Choosing the perfect design studio for your upcoming campaign requires precision and foresight. Creativity, professionalism and experience, while important, are not enough on their own. Consider these three crucial aspects: empathy and cultural sensitivity, multidisciplinary design and close collaboration.

Empathy and cultural sensitivity are essential in a design studio. NGOs deal with issues that affect diverse and multicultural communities. A design studio that understands these differences can design effective campaigns that respect and reach these audiences while avoiding stereotypes and misunderstandings.

Multidisciplinary design is another key factor. NGO campaigns require different media and formats, from graphic design to animation, websites, annual reports and print.

A design studio that embraces these disciplines ensures consistency and effectiveness across all channels, enabling a strong visual narrative and deeper impact.

Close collaboration is the third fundamental aspect. A design studio that works closely with its clients and authentically and systematically captures the perspectives of different stakeholders enhances the effectiveness of the campaign and accurately reflects the organisation’s mission.

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Frequently asked questions.

  • How do you handle feedback and revisions?

    We understand the value of feedback and encourage open communication and collaboration throughout the design process. Our aim is to ensure that you are satisfied with the end product and we are always prepared to make contractually agreed changes to meet your requirements.

  • How do you ensure that the quality of the work meets our standards?

    Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. As an experienced design team, we pay attention to even the smallest details. We work closely with you from the outset to understand your exact vision and objectives, and seek your feedback throughout the design process. This is how we ensure the final product meets your company’s standards.

  • How do you deal with design projects for NPOs and NGOs?

    We know that design projects for NPOs and NGOs can be complex. That’s why our project management process is designed to be straightforward, transparent, and flexible. We work closely with you to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction, and keep you regularly updated to ensure the project stays on track.

From idea
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How we design to your specification.

Are you ready to bring your project to life? Our simple process ensures we deliver results that meet your goals within your budget. In simple terms, here's what you can expect if you contact us now:

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2. Design test

After receiving and approving our quote, we'll ask you a few questions to better understand your business. Following this, you'll receive a design test to ensure we're on the right track.

3. Development

You'll have the opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions until you're completely satisfied with the design. Once you give us your approval, we'll start the development process.

4. Delivery

Throughout the development and final revisions, we maintain clear communication to ensure everything is perfect and you're satisfied with the end result before delivery and implementation.

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