A brief history of a creative collaborative magazine.

Acido Surtido was an art and design editorial project distributed freely across various locations in Argentina.

“It emerged as a response to the despondency and the sense of impossibility that permeated the cultural scene in 2001. It was an affirmation that, with a clear objective, realization was possible. We specifically defined that it should be a collective and free project, the result of voluntary collaboration. It didn’t depend on sponsors or subsidies to exist, and each edition featured a renewed team. In this way, we aimed to avoid the typical dynamics of other publications”, shared Mauro López, one of its directors along with Lucas López, Diego Cabello, and Santiago Guerrero, in the article “Un combo de letra y diseño” in the Clarín newspaper.

A collection of Ácido Surtido magazine covers created by various designers

A collection of Ácido Surtido magazine covers created by various designers.

It began as a sheet of paper measuring 64 x 94 cm with two sides. Various strategies were employed where 28 works were developed in parallel and independently by different itinerant authors. Through this exquisite corpse strategy, Acido Surtido invited reflection on the possibility of new readings and meanings that simultaneously understood and transcended those proposed by each of the involved works.

Ácido Surtido - Experiencia en Ácido (2006) Ácido Surtido – Experiencia en Ácido (2006)

In 2006, “Ácido Surtido – Experiencia en Ácido” was published, a captivating book that compiled the first ten editions and included texts by Rafael Cippollini, Marcelo Birmajer, Rubén Fontana, and others. This book beautifully captured the essence of Acido Surtido’s mission, inspiring creativity and innovation in its readers.

Later on, the magazine evolved into a printed sheet measuring 65 x 95 cm with two sides: A and B. In this new phase, collaborators wrote texts based on a thematic axis that served as a conceptual framework and a source of inspiration for each issue. Although initially images dominated over text, over time, words gained equal importance.

The idea was for the design to be nearly invisible, transparent, so that readers could interpret what they desired.

Leve“Leve”, illustration by Luciano Petrosini

In fact, these editions contained no images, only text. The editorial team, in addition to those mentioned Mauro López, Lucas López, Diego Cabello, and Santiago Guerrero, also included Natalí Schejtman, Roberto García Balza, Marcela González, Juan Pablo Andrade, Nora Lezano, Soledad Stagnaro, and Julieta Escardó.

Our studio was represented on two occasions, contributing with various disciplines. In 2003, we participated in edition #6 under the theme “Leve – The Solid in the Air” with an illustration by Luciano Petrosini (which was also included in the compilation book).

Then, in 2010, in the edition #21 of Ácido Surtido, titled “Intimate” (see case study), designer Luciano Petrosini was invited to explore the concept of “intimacy” and incorporate reflections from various artists on one of the two pages of the publication.

Ácido Surtido #21 presented the work of Rosario Bléfari, Mario Bellatín, Mariana Enríquez, Nico Hardy, Fabiana Rey, Eblis Alvarez, Federico Kusco, Fernanda Nicolini, Juan Dicent, Lucila Galkin, Nicolás Rascován, Pablo Katchadjián, Patricia Carini, Paula Sibila, Santiago Ramos, Julia Sarachu and Horacio Lorente, each offering their unique interpretation of the concept of “Intimate”.

Ácido Surtido #21

Ácido Surtido #21. (See case study)

The project continued until 2012, participating in various exhibitions at cultural institutions and serving as a platform for artists to express themselves. Additionally, it had a presence at events worldwide and was honored with the short film “Deconstruyendo Acido” (2009), directed by Julián Vázquez.

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